Missional Habits

Being on mission is our way of saying that we take seriously Jesus' command to spread the gospel right here, right now. Being on mission means going public with your faith in your sphere of influence. It means adopting these five habits (bless, eat, listen, learn, sent) in your weekly rhythm and then being ready to talk about your faith when people ask questions. Peter told us to be ready to give the reason for the hope we have (1 Peter 3:15). So let's do things that catch people off guard, that give opportunity for them to ask why, so we can talk about Jesus with grace and truth. 


We encourage you to bless three people this week. This can be with a word of encouragement, a small gift, paying for their coffee. 


We normally eat meals with people we know. And beyond that, people we know share our convictions and opinions. Jesus knew that the people you eat with show everyone else who you value. It's why he chastized the religious leaders for inviting only people who could invite them back, or picking seats of honor at meals. It's why he ate with tax collectors and sinners. So this week, we challenge you to eat a meal with a neighbor or a friend. Invite them to your place or pay for their meal at a restaurant. 


James says we must be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry (James 1:19). We might ask ourselves how quick we are to listen for God's voice. The Holy Spirit speaks to us, prompting us to live for Christ, to pray for someone, to speak up. This week, spend at least one designated time listening for God and then go do what he says. 


What would you say if you were asked to introduce Jesus to a friend? If Jesus is our hope, then let's spend time learning from him by reading Scripture. Even if your Bible reading plan has you in the Old Testament for now, allot one time each week to read about Jesus. Study one of the gospels passage by passage and ask, "What do I learn about Jesus?" 


This habit of being on mission is recognizing that you are already sent as a missionary, wherever you live. One of the best ways we can identify ourselves as missionaries is through journaling because we can reflect on our experiences and honestly tell God how we feel we're becoming a missionary. This week, spend one period of time journaling -- no word count required -- about how you've been on mission and how God is working in and through you. 

*The BELLS acronym and the concept of adopting these habits come from Michael Frost's book Surprise the World! 

Short-Term Mission Trips

We normally try to send both youth and adult teams out several times a year. If you're interested in going on a trip, click below to download the application.